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What is the purpose
of brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines come to your rescue wearing an invisible cape. Not many people know it’s there, but it is highly fruitful. Regardless of the size of your team, your hiring approach - freelancers, agencies, or in-house team - it is important that every member of your brand knows what it is about, and how they shall go ahead with their work: designs, typography, logos, illustrations, and so on. Your brand guidelines act as an internal understanding of your brand and communicate the same to everyone who plays a role in creating and marketing your brand. The overall purpose of brand guidelines is to have wholesome and precise standards to represent your brand identity accurately and make them accessible to your team.

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Why are brand guidelines

All companies are mostly clear about what they do and how they do it, but only a few dive deeper into why they do it in a certain manner. This is an essential component of your brand, with a few other elements that make a brand. To represent this in your branding, marketing, products, services, and communication it is important to have clear internal communication, this internal communication thrives on a set of guidelines that are centered towards your brand, a.k.a. brand guidelines. Moreover, brand guidelines serve as a blueprint for your brand and bring a sense of consistency and alignment to all the branding elements.

Your burning questions on brand guidelines,

Brand guidelines dictate the entire look and feel of your brand. It is a set of documents that are referred by team members to work in adherence to brand identity. Not only does brand guidelines make internal communication easier, but it also brings structure and consistency that is appreciated by loyal customers.
Everything that gives a voice to your brand should be laid out in your brand guidelines. Here are a few elements that you must not skip while preparing to design brand guidelines:
● The base on which your brand stands such as vision statement, your mission, buyer persona, and brand strategies.
● Clarity on visual elements such as logo, typefaces, the color palette you prefer, and so on.
You could go in a simplified or comprehensive manner depending on your brand. Comprehensive brand guidelines would include detailed information about your brand and a simpler way to go ahead with creating brand guidelines is by simply making a To-Prefer and To-Avoid list.
Brand guidelines are a crucial yet overlooked step towards creating a solid brand identity and representing the same to the world. You might have a rigid brand identity, but without brand guidelines, it becomes unfavorable to convey the same to your team, agencies, designers, and everybody else who lends you a hand in building your brand. Having this document will give a solid framework to designers, writers, and developers - and it will be appreciated with quality work.
To get the most out of brand guidelines, it is important to share it with all the team members (in-house and outsourced) and give them time to comprehend it thoroughly. Also, to invite creativity and personal touch in your designs, ensure that these brand guidelines are considered as standards and not rules.
While the above-mentioned terms are used interchangeably. However, there is a slight difference considering the three terms. A brand book is what your brand is at the current moment: logo, brand story, and so on. A brand manual is a document stating the representation of your brand in public. Furthermore, brand guidelines are a common ground of the above two which helps with internal communication.
The concept of creating brand guidelines revolves around brand identity. As brand identity is a unique personality of a company, all brand guidelines differ from each other. Below are a few case studies that reflect the quality of brand identity we provide and serve as inspiration as required.Click here to explore our case studies.
Created by the top 5% of graphic designers worldwide, you receive entire ownership of your brand guidelines upon completion. Moreover, we provide a list of dos and don’ts, as well as personalized templates for you to customize your brand guidelines while getting the best of the structure laid out by our best designers. Furthermore, to ensure your convenience, all the files are digital and print-ready.
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